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Monday, September 27, 2010


I work for a civil engineering firm as a construction supervisor. Basically, the contractor builds a road or bridge and I make sure they are building to the specifications and verify that what the government is paying is what it is getting in return.My company was overseeing a small job in downtown Miami when this story took place.

Like most Downtowns, they're very bus and hectic with tons of traffic and people. This project required me to close down a few lanes which many people in this area aren't happy about. I was outside just waiting for a concrete truck to arrive when all of a sudden I see a black undercover cop car pull up. The window rolls down and I hear someone say "Excuse me."

I look inside and I see a beautiful young girl and she's looking at me as I'm wearing all the bright construction clothes... yes,  I look like one of the village people. She is asking me where she could park her car as the construction has removed the parking lanes. She is clearly in a hurry and trying to assess the situation I ask her where she is going. She says that she just moved from Maine and that she has a job interview right now.

I stop and think, this is a beautiful dark haired brunette that needs some help and probably knows no one in Miami, so I'm going to try to be her Super Man. I tell her to park on the other side of the street behind some construction equipment. I go to her parked car and open the door for her, she jumps our of the car and I get to see that she is a petite super cute of a knockout. She then turns to me and says she needs to go to this address and if I can help her out.

I walk her over while we talk and she tells me she is of Greek background and that she just moved here and still has all her stuff in the car. I try to calm her down a bit before her interview and told her that she'll do great and when she comes out I'll be here for her.

She goes into the building and 30 minutes later comes out with a huge smile on her face. I figured that this is my shot, I'm going to ask her out and see where this goes. I walk her back to her car and I ask her to go out with me tonight to a friends birthday party as a trendy restaurant in Downtown. She excitedly says she would love to.

I get her number and she gets mine and I tell her that I'll call her later tonight to pick her up. She says all right and goes on her way. Around 8ish I decided to call her, but no answer. I left a message saying whats up? I didn't hear from her till later that night when I was already at the restaurant that she was napping and was tired from all the moving. She said thanks for helping her out and that I saved her life. Finally she asked if we can go out another day.

I never replied to her texts that night, but waited for the next day. I sent her a text saying not to worry about last night but how about just going to get something to eat tonight. She never replied to that text.

I stopped hoping she would reply and moved on.

Sara looks like this:



  1. :( yeah she probably wont bother calling back , sucks too because the way u described her she sounded like a hot little item

  2. Yeah sucks to be you man, been in a situation like that myself. From what i've learned, they're just polite to get you off their backs as fast as possible..

  3. Ugh, that really sucks:( Kept your hopes up and shot down at the last minute. Hope better things come your way in the future.

  4. Better to have been the nice guy and gotten the shaft instead of tosing your humanity in the hole.
    More fish in the sea, yeah?

  5. I agree with the last commenter there will be other chances

  6. Damn. Was totally expecting a "and thats how I met my wife" ending


  7. Very nice pic. Too bad it didn't work out.

  8. Sucks, bro. Mandy Moore is super incredibly fucking hot. aghhhh.