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Saturday, September 25, 2010


At the time, I was working for a bank in downtown Miami. I wasn't anyone important, just a sales associate trying to go to school and make ends meet at the same time. It was a Friday afternoon, and my friends decided to hit a bar after work for their happy hour specials.

Before we started to head out to the bar, I needed to get ready... you know, just in case I happen to meet a lafy friend that night. I think I looked decent enough in my work clothes as I had to be presentable to the bank customers. All I had to do was roll up my sleeves, take off the tie, a small splash of cologne, and boom... set for the night.

I met my friends at outside in the bar's parking lot. Being that it was downtown, parking was $10. I was glad to see that all my friends were in similar attire, as normally I'm a little overdressed for the occasion, but we all just got off of work. We walked in and surveyed the area.

Dimly lit bar had a decent attendance, we have a small thuggish looking group to our right sitting in the high tables, a few people who, like us, just got off of work at the tables, and to our right was a loud group of girls in the booths. We all decided to sit at the bar as the bartender seemed really cute with her long blonde hair and skimpy top.

We sat down on the stools and began our weekend celebration. We began ordering some drinks and the night started with out a hitch. After an hour or so, we ordered our food, but the bar scenery hasn't changed much. Same crowd, and not many single ladies except for that loud group of girls.

While waiting for my food, I felt a strong nudge to my right shoulder, I turn and I see this gorgeous girl leaning onto the bar, wearing a small black skirt and shiny tight top that shows her immaculate body as her slighlty curled blonde hair accents her back. I noticed she's wearing a tiara, and using basic logic I'm assuming she turned 21 and this is her b-day bash at the bar.

She's having a hard time getting the bartenders attention, so I help her and start talking to her after she ordered 3 fuzzy navels and 2 cosmos. While I'm there trying to get the information about her and her friends, she looks at me and I swear we had a moment. Were we connected. Were she could be my future wife. But as fast as that moment came, it was gone, as I started to see this beautiful girl start hurling chunks onto my arm. She threw up all the binge drinking alcohol mixed with potato skins and chicken wings all over my arm. My friends noticed what started happening and almost fell off their seats laughing. I felt the vomit just get soaked onto my shirt, so I got up and ran to the bathroom as she ran to her friends.

I took off the shirt that looks like Satan regurgitated and threw it away. I'm not going to contemplate if I was going to wash the shirt.Luckily, I had a decent undershirt so I washed up and went back outside. The birthday bash girls were just sitting in their booth and my friends moved over to the high tables. As I walked to where my friends were, I glanced to the bar to see the bartender scrubbing the mess giving me an evil eye as if it was my fault that she threw up.

The food was served, and I figured we will continue the night and let this just be a detour. After my second bite, I see one of the girls from the party come over and sits next to me. She tells me that Katherine is sorry. I tell her that its OK and everyone goes through that once in their life. But this girl keeps telling me how sorry Katherine is and wants to make it up to me by buying me a drink. I'm telling her its OK, and I just want to be with my friends. She gets up and grabs my hand and starts pulling on me to go. My friends are all kicking me under the table and telling me to go. So to please everyone, I get up and go over to their booth.

I sit down right next to this tiara wearing light weight how can't hold her liquor Katherine and she is acting all sorry and what not. I entertain her for a little, but then my spidey sense kicks in and I realize something isn't right. I'm looking at Katherine and she's looking at me, and I see her start changing colors in front of my eyes. her soft tan skin turns to a paler color, and then into a radioactive hulk green. I sensed what was about to happen and I got up just as she started blowing chunks again. Right where I was sitting!

I looked at them and just walked to my friends, and told them I'm going home. This is way too much for me.

Katherine looks just like this... minus the headband but add a tiara:



  1. ROFL

    Sorry about the shirt though


  2. Well, it's a damn good thing your spidey sense kicked in. Also, the pics do certainly add to the blog.