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Monday, September 27, 2010


A few years back I used to have a giant saltwater fish tank. Filled with rare corals, fish, and other colorful creatures. But you can never have enough in this hobby, so I wanted a bigger tank. I decided to sell everything and just start fresh with a new one. So I decided to let all my friends know of my plans.

My good friend Jenny told her sister, Jessie, about my fish tank and Jessie got all excited about it and called me. I never met Jessie but my friend said she's super cute, looks just like J-Lo. So Jessie came over with her boyfriend and instantly fell in love with the tank and bought it on the spot. I spent the next few weeks delivering the tank and setting it up for her. This was no joke of a tank, I spent thousands and sold it for pennies.

I always had a feeling that Jessie liked me but she had a boyfriend and I wasn't going to get in between them. I finished setting up the tank and let them be.

A year passes by and Jessie calls me and says the fish tank isn't working. I drive over there to see whats up. While I was there I realize that she's acting different and that there's no boyfriend to be seen. So one thing led to another and now I'm dating her.

So lets describe Jessie. She's very short with tons of curves, not fat just thick. She has a big latin booty but with dancer legs. I knew she did some modeling for small magazines and some events, plus she teaches ballet. She has nice reddish/brown hair and she's always well maintained. So, you can see why I liked her.

She was a little unorthodox, she loved going to strip clubs, sports bars, etc. She was also high maintenance. Luckily, I make a very decent salary and that wasn't the issue, but lets get to the day her true colors really came out.

So after a month of dating, I was at her house and we were just chilling when she said she wanted me to take her out to a restaurant. She told me to go home and shower and then pick her up. I said OK and did just that. As I was arriving to pick her up, I call her and let her know I'm almost at her house when she tells me to just drive around the block for 15 minutes or so.

WTF? 15 minutes? I was confused by what she meant. I was actually already at her driveway when I called. I was just sitting in my car thinking what the hell just happened, when her sister showed up. I walk over to Jenny, and she says that she will wait with me.

After 20 minutes of so Jenny goes inside the house to see whats up. All of a sudden I get a call and its Jessie screaming into the phone to just get out and leave her alone.

So now I fell into even a deeper stupor. What the hell is going on?

Jenny comes out of the house and tells me that ever since she broke up with her ex that she's been crazy and temperamental. I just happened to find all this out in 30 minutes time.

She called back to apologize, but I don't care how hot she was.

I don't want crazies in my life.

This girl looks like her except she had lighter hair:



  1. this is a good post that makes me want to come back for more

  2. lol, I can imagine you being confused there man

  3. 'I don't want crazies in my life'

    Can't be avoided, broski.

  4. everyone's crazy in life you know, some are just less or more than others :)

  5. like it or not the crazies will come

  6. Wow man, you knw how to select 'em. I hate it when women tell me to shower. Tip: all women are crazy, just some of them supress it better.

  7. I hate any kind of drama.

  8. That sucks bro. You should check out my blog I just got it started.

  9. at post man, Im following u now !

  10. im not in to drama either. I cant say what to do mate.

  11. this took me back to the memories when i had a fish tank... thanks for that!

  12. Wow... Nice girl you have there. As for the fish tank, I've always wanted a real big nice tank.